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AppList Media is a fast growing Media company, with two influential app blogs in its portfolio, custom high quality video production, and close relationships with social media influencers and personalities. We are hyper focused on maximizing opportunities for brands, and build on long term relationships.

The two Apple blogs are focused to engage highly targeted Apple Watch and iPhone audiences. WatchAppList and iPhoneApplicationList reach tens of thousands Apple users weekly, with growing communities and high engagement rates. We’re focused on creating daily relevant and unique content, where we provide app and accessory recomendations to our community. For maximum impact we create rich visual stories.

Our unique advantage is that we execute extremely fast on ideas, through our strong in-house production team.

Promotional Videos

Our efficient team of video experts creates high quality app and product videos on very tight schedules. We first understand what formats will work, and might A/B test different creatives. This means considering different formats, e.g. shorter vertical / square videos for Instagram, and longer horizontal formats for YouTube.

We are able to produce a video you will be happy with a-z in under 5 days. After the script is verified with you, we rapidly assemble the right team of actors, and immidately start the production process, where we use high end camera equipment, drone footage, professional voice overs, animations, and more.

Here is some of our recent work:

We work with a small number of influncers, and focus on giving brands strong exposure to great audiences who love trying out new products.

To really maximize exposure for tech startups and brands, we help with impactful product reviews by engaging our network of influencers. We aim to generate maximum interest in our communities, and come up with creative concepts to showcase innovative product features through original content.

Our team of ad creative experts creates dedicated original video & image concepts, and works directly with companies and influencers for highest brand impact.

The high quality posts, videos, and pictures are distributed through our influencers. Their social media channels give companies access to new customers, and unlock more ways to sell products.

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